VFX and animation by Bandito

The team at Bandito created a fully CGI shark and comped it into live action footage of Phelps as he swam in the cold waters of the South Atlantic and some back up plates shot in a swimming pool. The stunt was broadcast as part of Shark Week and attracted a lot of media attention, with articles featured in the Washington Post, NY Times, The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter.

Reel music by : Jack Fletcher

Bandito is an Emmy award winning creative studio and directing duo, we work on anything from broadcast visual effects and motion design, main title sequences and immersive entertainment.

As a diverse team of directors, designers, animators and creative technologists, we specialise in visual effects, animation and motion design for any brand. By blurring the line between VFX and Motion Design, we deliver beautiful, cinematic work that combines design and storytelling in a fresh and disruptive way.

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