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Bandito is an Emmy award winning creative studio, we work on anything from broadcast visual effects and design, main title sequences, immersive entertainment, branded content and live action production.


As a diverse team of directors, designers, animators, editors and creative technologists, we specialise in visual effects, animation and motion design for any brand. By blurring the line between VFX and Motion Design, we deliver beautiful, cinematic work that combines design and storytelling in a fresh and disruptive way.


For general enquiries and freelance opportunities

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“Genuinely, it would be my very great honor to declaim -  in stentorian voice! - how your work and your genius and passion, and Bandito’s just extraordinary vision and instincts and patience and great good humor and surpassing creativity have brought all our projects together to life. Your work is the living soul of all of it. And you brought out the best in everyone else and raised our games with your collaborative spirit”.

Charlie Foley

 (Executive Vice President Animal Planet at time of broadcast) - Mermaids

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